is currently a research project. Investigating how I can extend the giffgaff business to help people beat some of the restrictions I’ve found so far. Being:

  • Contributors rewards are limited to Payback. But what about affiliate income or promoting other self-interests?
  • Very poor search engine. So will giffgaff’s “Elastic Search” development be enough? Or is my custom search solution a better alternative?
  • Chaotic structure. Not in itself a bad thing if available search features are robust. But even then, it’s discouraging to see different features organised in inconsistent ways. Because that makes regular engagement frustrating (examples to follow)

Purpose of

So as you can see, my purpose for this site is very personal at the moment. But part of my plan is to use my research and experience to help you get the best from giffgaff. More importantly, to first help you decide if giffgaff is the best choice for your circumstances.

What’s the true Purpose of Your Smartphone?

Perhaps you’d like to help evolve the purpose of If so, tell me about the concerns you have with your smartphone. Then I’ll make sure my articles help you resolve your concerns. So leave your feedback below. Or start a new support ticket at my help desk.
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