My Sitemap is the beginning of my project to create better search tools for Because giffgaff has grown huge. So its website has lots of useful content. But it’s sometimes hard to find the most relevant content. Especially as relevance changes depending on context.

For example, if you’re planning on buying a new Google mobile phone your best information is within reviews or prices pages. But once you’ve bought one, you probably want to search unlocking or other tech support pages.

So I’m mapping the main content areas. So that I can provide specialist giffgaff search tools that recognise different search needs. Sitemap Sitemap

Eventually, I’ll produce an interactive version of this sitemap. But for now, I’ve included my sitemap development notes below…

giffgaff the mobile network run by you. Great value goodybags packed full of minutes texts and internet. Visit us online today. 200403

Note, this is my first draft of the sitemap. So I’ve focused on identifying important pages and subtotals. Later, I’ll format the sitemap in tabular form.

The six-digit numbers at the end of each description signify the date [yymmdd] I last checked the page.

Finally, note that I took these descriptions from my Google giffgaff Search Engine. So that description will often change between the time Google processed it and how giffgaff describe the page now.


  • /ethics

    Find out about giffgaff’s ethics. We don’t like waste, we are SIM only and we get involved with charities. 200403

  • /terms

    The following Terms and Conditions apply from the 16 September 2019. We know you hate it, we do too, but here’s the small print. We ask you to accept these … 200403

    • terms/promotions

      Describe your reaction to a refurbished phone in a GIF – 14 March 2020. A chance to win a refurbished iPhone XS Max 256GB and two tickets to the Live … 200403

  • /payback

    The more you get involved with giffgaff the more Payback points you’ll earn. Activate your SIM card to start earning. 200403


  • /buy

    Time to top up your account? Get 3 GB data, unlimited minutes and unlimited texts for only £10. 200403

    • buy/redeem

      New to giffgaff? Get started by ordering a free SIM. Order your Free SIM. Want to join the giffgaff community? Register by clicking below. Register here. New to … 200403

      This description applies to several indexed pages in the /buy folder. However, they all redirect to the login/register page. So I haven’t listed all the variations.

  • /spread

    The more people you invite to join the more you will earn. Plus, you’ll all enjoy free giffgaff to giffgaff calls and texts between each other. 200403

    Again, Google giffgaff has indexed several sub-pages. But these appear to be for marketing purposes. Possibly past or current affiliate schemes. But I’ll confirm that at a later date.

  • /offer

    Our new goodybags include 4G data as standard. Get in. Choose the goodybag with the best mix of data, minutes and texts to suit you. Set it to recur … 200403


  • /unlock

    Unlockapedia, on the giffgaff website, includes customer ratings, reviews & most importantly provides everything you need to know on unlocking mobile phones. 200403

    This public folder contains over 4,000 pages about specific phones and unlocking services.

    • 4000+ pages
  • /mobile-phones

    Check out our fantastic mobile phone deals, choose to pay monthly or buy outright with FREE next day delivery on orders before midnight. 200403

    • 900+ pages

      Organised by manufacturer. So my next step is probably to add each manufacturer to the sitemap. Though I might tackle this in order of mobile phone model popularity.

  • /blog/

    Check out the latest articles from giffgaff. Join the giffgaff blog. 200403

    The giffgaff blog is (mainly) written by ordinary giffgaff customers. About any topic that’s considered to be interesting. Though I’m not yet sure who does the considering. Also, the blog includes articles about individual giffgaffers. So this is quite a large collection of user-written content. But I don’t yet have all the details about efforts required and rewards available.

    • 300+ pages


There are more top-level folders. Including super-recruiters which I’ll cover in depth later. Of course, most user-written content lies within the community and labs subdomains. But they need separate maps.