In My giffgaff or Yours I look at different personal aspects of my giffgaff. What it means to me and to giffgaff. But most importantly – what does giffgaff mean to you?

My giffgaff

I want this site to help you get the best value from your phone. So I’ll limit details about me – unless it’s to respond to your questions, experiences, and opinions.

So if you want to know more about my use of giffgaff just ask. For example, I can tell you about my bargain giffgaff Black Friday phone deal. My cheap giffgaff running costs. Or how I generate hundreds of pounds in giffgaff Payback rewards.

The essence of my giffgaff website is to help you add value to your mobile. So just use the Feedback Form near the end of each page to ask me anything you like about my giffgaff.

Their giffgaff

By which I mean giffgaff’s giffgaff. I.e. what is giffgaff’s take on “My giffgaff”? Well, they have 3 uses for the phrase:

  1. The most prominent use is to identify the personal account section of the website for giffgaff account users. So “My giffgaff” appears mostly as a menu option that directs users to the login page. Once you have logged in, that menu changes to your username. That makes for easy, consistent navigation.
  2. The main secondary use for “my giffgaff” is the name of the current app. Note that this is all lowercase. Also note that giffgaff have an alternative beta app in active development. So there could be name changes along the line. But there are no active plans to change now.
  3. Finally, the term forms part of many natural English descriptions. For example help text often includes phrases such as “my giffgaff account” or “my giffgaff phone”.
I like Payback with my giffgaff

Your giffgaff

Now you can see what “my giffgaff” means to other people. But what about you?

Please share your thoughts below about giffgaff. Or any aspect of adding value to your phone.

What’s your giffgaff?