My Sitemap is the beginning of my project to create better search tools for Because giffgaff has grown huge. So its website has lots of useful content. But it’s sometimes hard to find the most relevant content. Especially as relevance changes depending on context.

For example, if you’re planning on buying a new Google mobile phone your best information is within reviews or prices pages. But once you’ve bought one, you probably want to search unlocking or other tech support pages.

So I’m mapping the main content areas. So that I can provide specialist giffgaff search tools that recognise different search needs.

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The Science of giffgaff

Unusually, giffgaff employs engaged customers to provide its first-line customer support service. Now as a giffgaff customer, I love that level of engagement. Especially as in line with giffgaff’s marketing pitch, there’s no contract. So I can provide support when I want. But leave it to other customers when I’m busy.

I’m intrigued by the potential of this approach to other settings. So I’m researching the views of marketing and telecoms professionals. Because I believe that might provide inspiration and examples of business models that I can adapt for my own websites.

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